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Sociology of Power and Politics
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Revision PPT 1: Power
Revision PPT 2: The State
Revision PPT 3: Old Politics
Revision PPT 4: New Politics
Revision PPT 5: Globalisation
Revision PPT 6: Media and Politics
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Lesson 1 Power and Authority
Lesson 2 Three Faces of Power
Power Invaders Game
Monarchy Debate
Power and Authority Hoops
Power and Authority Sword Fight
Elite Theories
Classical Pluralism
Elite Pluralism
Marxist Theory of Power
Marxist Theory of Power 2
Feminist Theories of Power
Postmodernism and Power
Lesson 3 Distribution of Power Summary
The Political Spectrum
Lesson 4: Political Ideology Intro
Party Political Broadcast
Lesson 5: Communism
Lesson 6: Is the Labour Party Socialist?
Lesson 7: What is Conservatism?
Lesson 8: What is Liberalism?
My Ideology
 Ideology Plenary
Lesson 9: The State
Lesson 10: Marxist Theories of the State
Pluralist Theories of the State
New Right Theories of the State
Theories of the State Summary
Lesson 11: What is Democracy
 What is Totalitarianism?
Democracy and Totalitarianism Game
Lesson 12: Voting Systems 1:FPP
Lesson 13: PR Voting Systems
Lesson 14: Intro to Voting Behaviour
Lesson 15: Voter Apathy
Political Participation Plenary
Lesson 16: Opinion Polls and Voting
Lesson 17: The Media and Voting
Lesson 18: Pressure Groups
Lesson 19: New Social Movements
Lesson 20: Riots and Urban Disorder
Revision Quiz 1
Revision Quiz 2
Revision Quiz 3
Revision Quiz 4
Key Words Revision Game
Lesson 22:Functions of Political Parties
Ask a Teacher
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Welcome to the Sociology of Power and Politics

In this unit you will study power and authority, how power is distributed in modern society, theories of the State, political participation, democracy, political parties and voting behviour, and pressure groups and new social movements.
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