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What is the Political Spectrum?

WALT: What is the political spectrum and where I am placed on the political spectrum?
WILFs: Can identify left wing and right wing political ideas (D)...... Can place ideologies and UK parties on the political spectrum..... Can assess whether your own politcal views are left wing or right wing (B)

Lesson Development

1. Starter - Take the quiz and print and compare results

2. Try the Political Ideas Dustbin Game

3. With your Study Buddy.....Take a piece of paper and draw a left - centre - right spectrum on the paper. Record where you are then try and place the following:

Karl Marx

Adolf Hitler

Margaret Thatcher

Tony Blair

Ed Miliband

David Cameron

Nick Clegg

Napoleon III





Nazism or Facism

The Conservative Party

The Socialist Party

The Labour Party

The Liberal Democratic Party

UKIP (UK Independence Party)

4. Mix Up and Share results

5. Plenary: Complete the British Politics Find Someone Who


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