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Welcome to the online lesson on Democracy

WALT: How democratic is modern Britain?

WILFS: Can define and deploy key words from the unit (D)...... can identify and describe 3 models or types of democracy (D).... can make supported judgements relating to democracy, ideology and modern Britain (A)

Lesson Development
1. Find the best definition from the group for each key word.
2. Divide up the task and create 4 QQTrade cards each for Key words
3. Play QQTrade
4. Study and take notes from the embedded PPT
5. Consider and discuss the Q's for discussion
6. Study the clip for Parliament - what does it tell us about ideological differences in British politics today? What does it tell us about democracy in Britain today
7. Past Paper work
8. Plenary - play 'Toby' with the QQTrade cards

Review Questions - in pairs discuss then share as a class
1. How democratic is Britain? use theory and evidence
2. Which model or type of democracy best fits modern Britain?
3. What could be done to make Britain more democratic
4. How desirable is democracy - give arguments for and against
5. How important are human rights/equal rights in a democracy?
6. If politcal equality is an accepted value in British political culture across the political spectrum why isn't economic equality?

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