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Welcome to the online lesson on PoMo & NSMs

WALT ... What is Postmodernism and what is the difference between old and new politics?..... WILF .. be able to describe some features of PoMo & the differences between old and new politics (D-C)... be able to describe different types of NSM and explain why they have emerged (C-B).... evaluate PoMo and the debate regarding new and Old politics using theory and empirical evidence (A) Lesson 2 Starter

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Lesson Development
1. Find Someone Who starter and warm up
2. Review PoMo introduction PPT and rally robin main points
3. In Pairs investigate NSM presentation and rally coach on a shared piece of paper - what are NSMs, how are they different from OSMs, who supports NSMs and why have they emerged

4. Timed solo work Introduction to NSMs then print
5. Stand and Share - 2 columns - what is postmodernism/what is new politics?
6. Read and take notes pages 245-251

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter - Pair Up and Rally Robin a list of answers to the question - What are New Social Movements?
2. Stand and Share
3. Create a individual Mind Map on NSMs include:

i) A definition
ii) - Types - offensive/defensive
iii) How they organise and what they do (include examples)
iv) Membership - which social groups are attracted to NSMs and why?
v)Similarities and differences with OSMs
vi) Theories and theorists of NSMs
Use your textbook + one other resource to research

4. Pass the parcel with the Mind Maps X3 - read, add, improve, correct, develop, annotate
5. Form 2 teams

Team A - write as many QQTrade cards as you can on pressure groups
Team B - write as many QQTrade cards as you can on NSMs
6.Plenary: Quiz Quiz Trade/Toby

Lesson 3 Development
WALT: How do post modernists interpret power and politics?
WILFs: Can describe key features of PoMo and support with example theorists (C)... Can compare can contrast Pomodernist views of power to other theories (B)... Can assess the validity of PoMo using theory and evidence (A)
Starter: Rally Robin what you know about Postmodernism and post modernist thinkers
Stand and Share
Play the PoMo game
Structured Reading

Plenary: Vision on - draw a picture showing everything you understand about post modernism and politcs

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