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WALT: What are 'The Three Faces of Power' and who has power in Britain today?
WILFs: Can describe and explain Lukes' Three Faces of Power and apply to examples (C)
Can compare and contrast to Dahl's and Weber's definitions of power and authority (B)
Can describe, explain and begin to evealaute different theories of the distribution of power in society (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter - Vision On - what do you know about power and authority. Draw a picture to show what you have learnt so far - no words allowed - then share and interpret the pictures of others
2. Study the embedded presentation on Lukes' Three faces of Power and take notes
3. Develop your notes using the book you have loaned from the library
4. In a pair complete the Crossword and Quiz
5. Study the Distribution of Power PPT

6. In teams of 4 prepare to teach the rest of the group about the theory you have been assigned
a) Theory of power
b)Example theories
c) Strengths and weaknesses
7. Plenary: Find the Fiction - power and its distribution

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