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Elite Theorists of the Distribution of Power

Lesson Objective:
1. To  review our understanding of power, authority and the distribution of power in society so far
2. To investigate and evaluate elite theories of the Distribution of Power in society
2. To evaluate evidence of elite rule in the UK

1.Read and take notes from the Presentation below
2. Then get into groups - divide the task into research using the web links and research using the library
By the end of the lesson you should have a Presentation and a quiz to show the class which gives detailed information on elite theorists AND your group's evaluation of whether elites rule in the UK

When you are writing your materials please pitch them at a level a Year 10 student would understand

Essay Question: Evaluate elite theories of the distribution of power in modern society

Library Reading
Haralambos 'Sociology Themes and Perspectives' pages 530-534
Moore, Aiken and Chapman 'Sociology for A2' page 121
Best, Griffiths 'Active Sociology' pages 630-631
Livesey and Lawson 'A2 Sociology for AQA' pages 128-131

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