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Elite Theorists of the Distribution of Power

WALT: How valid is the elite theory of the distribution of power in modern society?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the theories of Mosca, Pareto, Michels and C Wright Mills (C)... Can use empirical evidence of power in modern society to support an argument (B).... Can compare and contrast Elite theory to other theories (B).... Can assess the validity of elite theory using evidence and other theory (A)

1 Review the embedded PPT

2. Spend 30 mins on some background reading using booklist below and links left
4. In table groups plan the essay using post its
5. Write the essay
Essay Question: Evaluate elite theories of the distribution of power in modern society

Library Reading
Haralambos 'Sociology Themes and Perspectives' pages 530-534
Moore, Aiken and Chapman 'Sociology for A2' page 121
Best, Griffiths 'Active Sociology' pages 630-631
Livesey and Lawson 'A2 Sociology for AQA' pages 128-131

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