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Marxist Theory of Power Distribution
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Exercise 1
A1 Revision Marxism and Families
A1 Revision Marxism and Education
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The Marxist Theory of Power
Starter: Connect the learning using Find Someone Who?

Lesson Development
1. Find Someone Who
2. Watch the film and take notes on the key criticisms of the existing capitalism system
3. In a new pair rally coach the exercise and print
4. Study in a pair then Stand and Share your notes
5. Complete group tasks identified below
6. Complete and print the interactive diagram


Group A
Ralph Miliband
Group B
Give a brief overview of their biographies then outline what they say about power and the distribution of power in society
Use the Textbooks in syn 1 and the library
Work in mixed learning style groups and try and incorporate evidence of those learning styles in what you present

This lesson examines Marxist theories of the distribution of power in society.
First read and take notes from the Powerpoint, then watch and discuss the video, complete exercise 1, complete the reading and then and only then complete the diagram below!

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