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Welcome to the online lesson on liberalism

Read and take notes on the presentation and complete the diagram, then analyse the Liberal Democrats web site. Identify liberal ideas and concepts influencing their policies

In May 2010 the Liberal Democrats held the balance of power in the post election parliament. Instead of allying with the ruling Labour Party (arguable a more 'natural, ally on the left), Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg decided to form a coalition government with the Conservative Party. Many observers have suggested that under Clegg the Liberal Democrats have shifted significantly to the right on the political spectrum supporting as they do Conservative policies such as massive cuts in public spending, increasing tuition fees, and forcing the long term unemployed to work for their benefits. Supporters of Clegg counter this view by suggesting that his negotiating of a referendum on electoral reform (a long tern liberal objective) shows his continuing commitment to liberalism
Watch the clip and study the link

Is Clegg a liberal?

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