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WALT : How do different 'strands' within marxism interpret the state differently? Which of all theories best explains the nature of the modern state?

WILFS: Can describe and explain instrumental, structural and hegemonic marxism giving examples and identifying differences (C)... Can assess which theory best explains the modern state supported with evidence and theoretical comparison (A)

Lesson Development

Starter: What is the Marxist view of the State and what evidence could you use to either support it or diaprove it? Promenade your Study buddy then Stand and Share

1. Examine the PPT below on strands within Marxism

2. Individually create a mind map called 'The Marxist theory of the State' - include a detailed explanation AND some examples of Marxist thinks - use your textbooks, your notes, the links on this page and at least 1 library resource to help

3. Pass the parcel with the mind maps -then check, annotate and improve the one you have got X3

4. Plenary: Create a meme to summarise a key element of the Marxist theory of the state and show and compare


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