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Media Bias and Voting Behaviour
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WALT .....Is the media politically biased and does it matter? identify newspaper political bias, ownership and circulation (D)..can describe how TV bias differs from newspaper bias (D)........ can evaluate the impact of media bias on voting behaviour and election results (A)


This lesson investigates media bias and voting behaviour.

Lesson Development

Starter: Find Someone Who

1. Now Pass the Fact - what are the factors influencing voting behaviour in the UK
Watch the Yes Minister Clip
2. In pairs use the newspaper hyperlinks and the papers you have been given to investigate evidence of political bias in the newspapers. Write a summary table which illustrates newspaper political affiliation and circulation at a glance. Use the following template. What does your completed table show?

Newspaper title

Political Bias/Ownership

How many read it (approx)







3. Read and take notes from the embedded PPT
4. Promenade a new partner - How important is media bias in voting behaviour? Support your answer with evidence and explanation

5. Rally Coach the following questions: Try to write detailed answers

a)How does newspaper bias and broadcasting bias differ?
b)Does media bias harm democracy - if so how?
c)What sort of measures could be put in place to combat media bias and its effect on election results?

d)Is free speech more important than an unbiased media?
e)How important do you think newspaper bias is as a factor affecting voting behaviour

Plenary: On a post it - write your answer to today's WALT Q and stick it on the board - compare your answer to the others

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