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Introduction to Voting Behaviour
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Election 2010
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Step 1: Cloze Exercise
Step 2: Presentation
Step 3: Interactive Diagram
Step 4: Extension Reading
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Step 6: Deviance and Dealignment
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WALT: What factors best explain patterns of voting behaviour in Britain today?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the main factors affecting voting behaviour (D)
Can explain the impact of named factors on voting behaviour and describe patterns and trends (C)
Can evaluate which factors are most influential on voting behaviour and support your position with empirical evidence and example sociologists (B-A)

Lesson Development

1. With your Revision Twin Promenade the question - what factors do you think best explain why people vote the way they do
2. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up now Rally Robin the same question with your new partner using your textbooks and Revision guides - make a list
3. Stand and Share
4. go through the Summary PPT taking down the key points
5. Now using your lists, notes and Revision twins create a Diamond 9 Diagram of the Factors Affecting voting Behaviour
6. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and with your new partner complete and print the Cloze exercise
7. Mini Plenary - Mix Pair Share todays Walt then 'how important is class today in explaining voting behaviour?'

8. With your Revision Twin complete the interactive diagram
9 Lesson Plenary - Paraphrase passport todays WALT in 2 groups of 6 - going around as many times as possible

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