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WALT: What are the social, cultural and economic factors affecting voting behaviour today?
WILFs: Can list the factors affecting voting behaviour (E).... Can describe in detail the factots affecting voting behaviour (C).... can explain (B) and evaluate (A) the factors affecting voting behaviour

In an exam situation you may well be asked to define voter apathy, quote evidence for the growth of voter apathy, suggest reasons why voter apathy is apparently increasing, discuss whether voter apathy is the same as disinterest in politics generally, identify possible solution and government policies designed to reverse voter apathy
Lesson Development

1. Starter - Pair up and complete the Roaming review
2. Study the Voter Turnout link then Investigate the PPT on voter apathy
3. All Write Consensus - complete then mark your Study Buddies and feedback
4. Plenary - Pair share
a) What is class dealignment theory and how valid do you think it is?
b) Which factors and theories best explain voting behaviour in Britain today?
c) What are the causes and possible cures of voter apathy amongst the young

WALT: What are the causes of and possible solutions to political apathy amongst the young?
WILFs: Can identify evidence of voter apathy and describe possible sociological causes (C)...... Can describe and explain real and proposed solutions to voter apathy (C).... Can analyse and challenge the concept of political apthy amongst the young (A)

Lesson Development
Starter: First take the Votes For Policies Quiz to test whether you are a rational voter then plae yourself on the human political spectrum in the middle of the room

1. Rally Robin the causes of voter apathy you learnt last time and make a list
2. Stand and Share
3. Read pages 239-40 and add to your lists
4. Promenade your shoulder partner - what best explains political apathy amongst the young
5. Stand and Share
6. Watch the clip below - what positive reasons does Russell Brand give for not voting? How convincing is he?
7. Fan N Pick (cards form Mr Walker)
8. Individual work- read pages 232 - 241 and answer the questions on page 241 'Check your understanding' You may choose work Rally Coach with your study Buddy if you prefer but make sure that you both have a copy of the answers
9. Plenary: Vision On - draw a picture which answers today's WALT - no words allowed then Share and interpret X3

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