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WALT: Is political ideology still important in modern British politics?

WILFs: Can describe and explain in detail the key ideas of socialism, conservatism and liberalism (D)...can identify evidence of ideological influence in labour, conservative and Liberal Democratic parties today (C)... Can evaluate whether politics has got more or less ideological in recent years drawing on theory and evidence (A)

Lesson Development

1. With your Study Buddy - take their arm and promenade discussing today's WALT

2. Now form 2 teams of 6

Team A Jot thoughts - what is socialism and how socialist is today's Labour Party?

Team B Jot thoughts - what different types of Conservatism are there and which type best describes Cameron's Conservatives?

Swap tables - read - add - develp.... then return

3. Now come to the fron for a presentation on Liberalism

4. With your Study Buddy Rally Coach an interactive diagram on liberalism

5. Now form 4 tables of  3 and complete the All Write Consensus

6. When complete swap with your study Buddy and mark with the markscheme - give a www, and ebi, a mark and a grade then go and give and receive feedback

7. Now come to the front for the plenary game and then Paraphrase Passport today's WALT

Periods 6 and 7

1. Hand Up stand Up Pair Up and rally Robin 'what are the main ideas of socialism, conservatism and liberalism?' Make three lists as below then Stand and Share







 2. With a new partner complete the Roaming Revision tasks attached to the walls around the room
a) What are the differences between revolutionary socialism and democratic socialism and which has been more influential in Britain? Explain your answer
b) What was Tony Blair's third way idea and in what ways did it change the Labour Party?
c) Describe and explain Traditional, One Nation and Liberal Conservatism. Whic one do you find most or least appealing?
d) What evidence is there that Thatcerite ideas still influence the modern Conservative Party?
e) What are classical and New Liberalism. describe the similarities and differences. which bext describes the modern liberal democrats? Explain
f) What is your political ideology? Explain in full your reasons

3. Now complete the Interactive Diagram 'My Ideology'
4. Plenary Mix Pair Share todays WALT and WILFs then Fling the Teacher

Now Try and Fling the Teacher!

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