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Britain 1815-65
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Scheme of Work  AS Unit 1
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Lesson 1 Distress and Repression 1815-22
Lesson 2 The Radical Challenge
Political Cartoons 1815-22
This is Your Life
Lesson 3 Queen Caroline Affair
Lesson 4 The Liberal Tories
Lesson 5 The Unreformed Parliament
Lesson 6 The Passage of the GRA 1832
Lesson 7 The Whig Reforms
Lesson 8 Who Were the Chartists?
Lesson 9 The Story of  the Chartists?
Lesson 10 Evaluating Chartism
Lesson 11: Peel and the Conservatives
Lesson 12:Peel and the Corn Laws
Lesson 13: Peel in Ireland
Lesson 14: Gladstone and Palmerston
Lesson 15: Castlereaghs Foreign Policy
Lesson 16: Cannings Foreign Policy
Lesson 17: Foreign Policy 1830-56
Specification and Past Papers
Revision Advice
Exam Practice
A1 Reading List
A level History Home



These pages are designed as a series of online learning resources for students studying A Level History

The format of the resource is one of, Lecture notes, reinforcement cloze activities, and interactive factual recall tests.
Textbooks will also be provided by the College to complement these resources.


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