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WALT - What were the merits and demerits of British Foreign policy 1815 -46?
WILF - Consolidate K & U of Castlereagh and Canning (D).... Evaluate similarities and differences and strengths and weaknesses of Castlereagh and Canning (B-A)...Establish a sound K & U of Palmerston's and Aberdeen's foreign policies key events and motivations (C-A)
Lesson Development
1. Starter revision quizzes on Castlereagh and Canning
2. Mix pair Up and Rally Coach Castlereagh and Canning (docs to be handed in for assessment)
3. Read and takes notes from the Palmerston PPT

4. Pair Up again ... draw a line down a piece of dispay paper to create 2 columns. On one column put the title 'praise' on the other put the title 'condemn'. Review your notes on Palmerston's foreign policy 1830-41 (use textbooks) and create a poster showing whether you think Palmerston deserves praise or condemnation. You may 'stray' for ideas when instructed.
5. Plenary Time Pair Share the WILF

Overview of British Foreign Policy 1815-46 (note you only need to go as far as 1846 in foreign policy)







Repressive Tories

Liberal Tories

GRA and Whig Reforms

Peel and the Conservatives


Castlereagh and the Congress System

Canning's more independent FP - collapse of Congress System

Palmerston's assertive 'British interests' foreign policy

Aberdeen's more conciliatory foreign policy

Exam Practice
1a Why did the Congress System break down in the 1820's (12 marks)
1b How successful was Britain in keeping the peace in foreign affairs 1822-46 (24 marks)

Whig Foreign Policy 1830-41 (Lord Palmerston Foreign Secretary) Key Events

1. Paris revolt of 1830 and Louis Philippe
2. Belgian Revolt and Belgian independence
3. Egyptian invasion of Syria 1831 - relations with Russia
4. Treaty of Unkiar-Skelessi 1833 - Mehemet Ali
5. Death of the Sultan and relations with France
6. Straits Convention 1841
7. Opium Wars with China
8. Treaty of Nanking 1842

Conservative Foreign Policy 1841-46 (Lord Aberdeen Foreign Secretary) Key Events
1. USA boundary disputes - Oregon
2. The Ashburton- Webster Agreement
3. President Polk - 54 or Fight
4, The Entente with France
5. Return of Palmerston

Further Reading

  • Britain 1783-1918 D Murphy et al pages 79-88
  • Britain in the 19th Century Martin pages 220 -224
  • Britain 1783-1851 D Welbourne pages 248-257
  • Revolution, Radicalism and Reform R Brown page 108
  • Age of Reform EL Woodward pages 212-240
  • Illustrated History of Modern Britain Richards and Hunt

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