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Castlereaghs Foreign Policy 1815-22
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Castlereagh Enligtened Conservative?
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Posterity will ne'er survey A nobler grave than this: Here lie the bones of Castlereagh: Stop, traveller, and piss. (Lord Byron)

WALT - What were the merits and demerits of his Castlereagh's foreign policy 1815-22?
WILFs - K&U of the terms of the Vienna Settlement (D)
K&U of the Congress System idea and of the actual Congresses held (D)
Assessment and evaluation of the good points and bad points of Castlereagh's foreign policy (B-A)
Lesson Instructions
1. Read  the article 'Castlereagh Enlightened Conservative' and make a list of strengths and weaknesses

Stand and Share lists
2.Read and Take notes from the PPT

Quiz Quiz Trade
3. Read 'Britain 1783-1918' by Murphy et al pages 68-72 + pages 70-79 of the Letts Revision Guides + one other relevent source from the library
3.In a new Pair create a poster of good points and bad points of Castlereaghs's foreign policy

4. Plenary: Try the quiz

5. Paraphrase passport today's WALT

(Below) Map of Europe at the height of Napoleon's Empire 1810


(Below) Map of Europe 1815 following Vienna Settlement

death of Castlereagh

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