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Lesson 1 :WALT.... How did Peel change the Tory Party into the Conservative Party and why did Peel and the Conservatives win the 1841 General Election.... WILF ...... K&U of similarities and differences between Toryism and Conservatism and K&U of a number of causes (D-C)..... evaluation of causes Lesson 2: Walt - What reforms were introduced by Peel 1841-46? .... WILF K and U of reforms in depth and detail (D)...... an evaluation of whether Peel's reforms were successful or not backed up evidence and judgement (B-A*) (B)

Starter: Using your books and the computers in your pairs find out what was the Tamworth Manifesto and why was it important?? ( 10 mins then feedback)

Lesson 2:

Use the 2 PPTs linked left and your textbooks to research then present posters or presentations describing then evaluating Peel's Reforms. The evaluation criteria is ' How successful were Peel's Reforms?'

Your group will also need to create a FAKEBOOK account for Robert Peel for the years 1841-46. Bring in as many relevant 'friends' as possible.

The Conservative Party wins and Robert Peel becomes prime minister for the second time (he ruled in a minority administration in 1834-5). Peel's manifesto broadly comprises: the upholding of law and order, the retention of the voting reforms that have already been passed but resistance to any further widening of the vote (see The vote), defending the supremacy of the Anglican Church, keeping Ireland as part of the United Kingdom, and the retention of the Corn Laws. In fact, during the next five years, Peel's Free Trade beliefs and instinctive pragmatism lead him to introduce far-reaching changes including the repeal of the Corn Laws.

Reforms included:

Reinstatement of Income tax

Free trade reforms - reduction of duties

Bank Charter Act

Companies Act

Factory Act and Mines Act

Railways Act

Repeal of the Corn Laws

  nGroup A: Who were the Anti Corn Law League, their aims methods and how influential were they in the reform of the Corn Laws?
nGroup B: What was the Irish Potato Famine and why was this important in the repeal of the Corn Laws?

Peel and Cobden

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