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Interactive Exam Past Papers will appear here to support your revision of britain 1815-65

Lord Liverpool, GRA and Chartism
The Great Reform Act
Significance of Great Reform Act
The Whig Reforms

1.  Why were Catholics Emancipated in 1829? (12 marks)
2.  Why did the Tory Party collapse between 1827-1830? (24 marks)
3.  What were the causes and consequences of the potato famine in Ireland? (24 marks)
4.  Explain why Peel reduced tariffs in the years 1841-45? (12 marks)
5.  What were the short and long term consequences of the repeal of the Corn Laws? (24 marks)
6.  What were the merits and demerits of Peel's policy in Ireland? (24 marks)
7.  How successful was Gladstone as Chancellor? (12 marks)
8.  Why was there no further electoral reform after 1832? (24 marks)
9.  To what extent was the rise of Chartism caused by disappointment with the Whig Reforms? (24 marks)
10.Why did Chartism go into decline after 1848? (12 marks)

11.  How Far was the work of the Anti Corn Law League    responsible for the repeal of the Corn Laws (12 marks)
12.  Social and economic distress caused Chartism, prosperity killed it. Discuss this view (24 marks)

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