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Robert Peel and the Repeal of the Corn Laws 1846
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WALT - Why did Robert Peel repeal the Corn Laws and what were the consequences? WILF.... identify and explain cause (D/C)..... list and connect different types of cause and explain (C-B) Evaluate causes and come to a reasoned and supportedconclusion (A) List and explain some consequences (C) Evaluate consequences (A)

Starter: Study the Cruikshank cartoon below (1815) - what were the Corn Laws and why were they unpopular?


Activities -  In your Revision Twin use  the presentation embedded below and your textbooks pages 148-149 to rally robin and list as many reasons... Why Peel repealed the Corn Laws
1. Pair Stand and Share the reasons why Peel repealed the Corn Laws
2. Then in your new pair create a Diamond 9 Causes diagram

3. Now in a new pair use this presentation and pages 149-150 to list the consequences of the Repeal of the Corn Laws
4. Pair Stand and Share

5. Rally Coach an Revision diagram on the significance of the Repeal of the Corn Laws

6. Plenary - in your Revision Twin complete a plenary diagram using the template below

Click here for larger version

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