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Cannings Foreign Policy 1822-27
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WALT: How did Canning's foreign policy 1822-27 differ from Castlereagh's?
WILF: 1.Secure K and U of main foreign policy events 1822-27 - Congress of Verona, Spanish colonies, USA, Portugal, Greece and how Canning approached them. (D)
2. Judgement and evaluation of the similarities and differences between Canning's motives and those of Castlereagh (C)
3. Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of Canning's foreign policy supported by secure K&U (A)
Lesson Development

1. Mix and Pair up - review the strengths and weaknessed of Castlereagh's foreign policy
2.Read and Take notes from the PPT
3. Fing a new partner. Read the external links then  'Britain 1783-1918' by Murphy et al pages 68-72 + pages 74-76 of the Letts Revision Guides + one other relevent source from the library and create a 'Canning's Foreign Policy' Poster highlighting both motives and successes and failures
4. Pair Up again and construct a living graph for Canning's foreign policy using the template below
5. Plenary - Try the quiz

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Exam Questions

1a Explain why the Congress System collapsed in the 1820's. (12 marks)

1b How important was maintaining the balance of power in shaping Britain's foreign policy in the years 1815 to 1830? (24 marks)

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