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The Ministries 1846-65: Gladstone and Palmerston
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Lesson 1: WALT - What were the political consequences of the Repeal of the Corn laws? Who was William Gladstone and how successful was he as Chancellor?.... WILF - K and U of changing coalitions 1846-65 and political factions (D)... K and U of chronology of political achievements of WE Gladstone up to 1865 (D), evaluation of Gladstone's achievements as Chancellor (B/A)

The Repeal of the Corn Laws had hopelessly divided the Conservative Party and for many years later there were no fewer than five main groups or factions in Parliament;

1)      The Protectionist Conservatives led by Bentinck, Disraeli and Stanley

2)      The Conservative Free Traders (Peelites) led by Peel, Aberdeen and Gladstone

3)      The Whigs led by Russell and Palmerton

4)      The Radicals led by Cobden and Bright

5)      The Irish M.P.s

The Radicals usually supported the Whigs, though could often vehemently oppose them. The Irish too usually supported the Whigs, and the Peelites hovered somewhat uneasily in between the Protectionist Tories and the Whigs.

In consequence there followed a 19 year period of frequent changes of government. Often these governments were coalitions or minority governments of some instability.

1.       Russell's First Ministry 1846-52 (Whig)

2.       Derby's first Ministry 1852 (Conservative minority)

3.       Aberdeen's Ministry 1852-55 (Whig -Peelite Coalition with Gladstone as Chancellor)

4.       Palmerston's First ministry 1855-58 (Whig)

5.       Derby's Second Ministry  1858-9 (Conservative minority)

6.       Palmerston's second Ministry  1859-65 (Whig- Peelite coalition with Gladstone as Chancellor)

Our first main interest during this period concerns the social impact of Gladstone's reforms as Chancellor during two periods 1852-55 and 1859-65.

Lesson 1 Development:

1. Rally Robin the consequences of the Repeal of the Corn Laws then Stand and Share

2. With a new partner Rally Coach a timeline of ministries 1846-65 and print

3. Read and take notes from the Gladstone as Chancellor PPT. Rally Robin main points/achievements

4. In a new pair use the template below to create an evaluative Post It diagram for Gladstone as Chancellor

5. Rally Coach the diagram on Gladstone's Liberalism

Click here for larger version

Lesson 2 Development
1. Rally Robin Gladstone's acheivements as Chancellor then Stand and Share
2. Find a new Pair then Rally Coach Gladstone's Liberalism Diagram and Print
3. Mix and pair again and investigate the Palmerston PPT - Rally Robin - why was there no further Reform Acts 1846-65. Stand and Share
4. Complete a Fakebook accounts for either Gladstone or Palmerston 1846-65


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