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The Unreformed Parliament
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WALT: How significant was the Great Reform Act of 1832?
WILFs: Can describe and explain what was wrong with the political system before 1832 (C) ... Can explain who supported and who opposed reform (C).... Can narrate the story of the passage of the GRA (C)..... Can describe what changed because of the GRA (C)... Can assess the significance of the GRA (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter - Quiz Quiz Trade on key Terms
2. Divide a page in your book thus and watch the film clip - take notes on as much as you can

What was wrong with the system before 1832 and why was reform wanted and needed?

How was the GRA passed?

What was changed by the GRA?




3. Pair up with your Study Buddy - use the PPT and the links and books to fill in your table in as much detail as possible
4. Stand and Share Mini Plenary
5. Pair up with a different partner and complete the interactive diagram and print
6. Pair up with another different partner and complete the classtools Diamong 9 below
6. Plenary: In teams of 5 write Quiz Quiz Trade cards for your allocated topic then play QQ Trade


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