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Discontent and Repression 1815-22
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Causes of Discontent Presentation
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WALT...... Why was the period of 1815-22 a period of social discontent in Britain?
WILFs.......can list an describe several causes of discontent (D)..........can explain how causes combined to cause discontent identifying types of causes (C)........ Can evaluate the importance of causes and come to a supported conclusion (A)

Lesson Development
  1. Starter: FSW - Key themes in the Britain course
  2. Stand and Share
  3. Pair up and rally robin what you think caused recent riots and protest in the UK
  4. Stand and share
  5. Takes notes from the PPT
  6. In a new pair create a diamond 9 causal diagram for social discontent 1815-22
  7. Plenary ... Key words game

First read and take notes on the Causes of Discontent PowerPoint Presentation, then read pages 1-11 of Reforming Britain 1815-50 and complete the activities on page 12, then move onto the task below

  nFrom 1810-22 there were a series of upheavals and protests involving ordinary people
n1811 - the Luddites
n1816 - Spa Fields Meetings
n1817 - the March of the Blanketeers and the Pentrich Rising
n1819 - the Peterloo Massacre
n1820 - the Cato Street Conspiracy

You will be assigned one of these events to research as a group and then present to the class your findings - you must be able to tell us in detail both what happened, who were the leaders and what motivated them,  and how the government/authorities responded. You will also need to evaluate what you think of how the government responded.

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