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Robert Peel and the Irish Problem
Evaluating Peel in Ireland
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WALT: How successful was Peel's policy in Ireland?
WILFs: Can describe and explain Peel's policy in Ireland before and after the famine (C).... Can assess the success or otherwise of Peel's policy in Ireland (A)

Lesson Development
Lesson 1:Starter:  Watch the clip -What were the causes and consequences of the potato famine? Make a list then share X3 your lists with different members of the class

1. Investigate the PPT on Peel in Ireland then read pages 143-146 in your textbooks

2. Pair Share
a) What was  Peel's policy before the famine?
b) What specific economic, social and political problems did Ireland face in the 19th century?
c) How did Peel's policy change because of the famine
d) What was the long and short term consequences of the famine

. Rally Coach an Revision diagram on Peel in Ireland

ExtensionActivity: Pair Up then use the links and your books to create posters showing the causes and consequences of the Famine

No Hogs no Logs! You may STRAY when instructed to do so.

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