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Was Chartism a Failure? Why did Chartism Fail?
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WALT: Why did Chartism fail?
WILFs: Can identify reasons why Chartism failed (D).......Can explain and connect possible reasons why Chartism failed discriminating the importance of reasons (C-B)..... Can evaluate and support a judgement as to why Chartism failed (A) and challenge the assumption in the question by evaluating the 'success' of Chartism in the long term (A*)

Lesson 1 Development

1. Connect the learning -  Find Someone Who then Promenade your Study Buddy and try and list the 6 points of the Charter - when you are done shout BINGO!
2. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and Pair Share the key events in the story of Chartism
3. Now return to your study buddy and take them to a computer - use the links to make a list of the reasons why chartism failed
4. Stand and share
5. Now, again using your lists your buddy and your books Rally Coach a causal diagram to show why the Chartists failed to win the 6 Points of the Charter in the

Lesson 2 Development

1. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and Promenade your partner to

a) recall all 6 points of the Charter

b) recall the key events in the story of Chartism

2. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up

Mix pair Share - Why did Chartism fail?

3. Roaming review with Study Buddy

a) Would you have supported 'moral force physical force or neither? Explain

b) Outline and describe the main events in the story of Chartism 1834-48

c) in what ways could Chartism be seen as a success?

d) Describe the reasons for the short term failure of Chartism

e) How did working class protest develop from 1811-48?

f) list the main reasons why people strated to support Chartism in the 1830's and 1840's

4. Now working in new pairs attempt to evaluate  whether Chartism was a success or a failure first in its own time and then long term. In Word Create a table and use the links and your books to collect evidence under the headings Success and Failure. See below for a start - complete this and explain in detail.

  Chartism Success or Failure



Raised awareness of social issues which led to reforms at the time

None of the 6 Points enacted

Political education for tens of thousands of working men and women - working class politically conscious

Disaster of Kennington Common and the Land Plan

Growth of trade unionism and mutualism such as Coop movement

Chartism fizzled out in mid Victorian period


5. In groups of 4 (one recorder and three thinkers) Rally Brainstorm a political or an economic movement?  (Britain 1815-1918 D Murphy et al pages 161-162)

6. With your study buddy complete a Diamond 9 of reasons why Chartism failed

7. Complete and print the summary exercise as solo work

8. Plenary: paraphrase passport

a) What were the 6 points of the Charter?

b) What were the key events in the story of chartism?

c) Why did chartism fail?

d) What were the successes and failures of Chartism?

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