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The Liberal Tories 1822-27
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The Liberal Tories Presentation
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What is Liberalism?
Diagram: How Liberal?
This is Your Life Lord Liverpool
The End of Tory Rule
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1. Read and take notes from the presentation
2. Read 'Britain 1815-51 Collier and Pedley Chapter 3, 'Reforming Britain 1815-50' Scott-Baumann pages 32 -46, and Illustrated History of Britain  richards and hunt pages 98-107
3. Make detailed notes on the following:
Economic and Trade reforms - Huskisson and Robinson and free trade measures
Domestic reforms - Peel, penal reform and the Met police
Social Reforms - Trade union reform, Francis place, Test and Corporation act, Catholic Emancipation
4. Use the diagram to help you assess how liberal were the Liberal Tories?


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