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Lesson 1: Introduction
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Lesson 2: Measuring Social Class
Theories of Stratification
Introduction to UK Class Structure
Lesson 3: Marxism and Social Class
Social Class and Life Chances
New Right Theories
Theories Summary
Theories Plenary
Key Words Invaders
Lesson 4: Intro to Social Mobility
 Social Mobility Lesson (ii)
Social Mobility XWord and Essay
Is Britain a Meritocracy?
Lesson 5: All Middle Class now?
Lesson 6: Changes in the Class Structure
Lesson 7: Age Stratification
Lesson 8: Gender Stratification
Lesson 9: Stratification & Ethnicity
Lesson 10: Stratification & Disability
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Welcome to the Sociology of Stratification and Differentiation

Online A2 Sociology lesson activities on the synoptic unit stratification and Differentiation will appear here

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