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WALT: How does class impact on life chances and how is the class structure changing?

WILFs:  Can draw on and deploy empirical evidence of class inequality in UK drawing synoptically on all units studied so far (D-C)...Can identify and explain  changes in today's class structure (C)... Can describe and evaluate theoretical explanations of class inequality and the class structure today (B-A)

Lesson 1 Development

1. Starter: Jot thoughts - how does class impact on your life and  life chances include evidence from education, families and households, culture and identity, power and politics and health - aim to cover the table

2. After 7 minutes rotate groups read, annotate and add *2

3. In a new pair complete the revision diagrams on education and class and health and class and print

4. Pair Up - Collect and List empirical evidence (evidence that can be measured) that social class impacts on life chances - draw on education, health, family, voting and any other area of sociology you are familiar with

5. Stand and Share

6. Open the worksheet - 20 mins quiet individual reading highlighting key points

7. In Pairs complete the Key terms exercise on the worksheet using the 4B's

8. Rally coach the review questions

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