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What Causes Health Inequalities?
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WALT: How does social class impact on health and life chances?
WILFs: Can connect to prior learning via Find Someone Who..... Can cite empirical evidence to support the idea that social class has a major impact on health and life chances (B).... Can describe, explain and evaluate the marxist theory of health inequalities (B-A)

Watch this film then read the presentation then complete and personalise the diagram on the causes of health inequality

Lesson Development

1. Starter - Find Someone Who?

2. Take notes from the film using the following columns - you need to record empirical evidence of health inequalities

Situation in 1980's (evidence from film)

Situation today (evidence from research)



3. Stand and Share lists

4. With your study buddy complete the Health gap cloze and the Marxist explanations cloze and print

5. Plenary - write your summary response to the WALT on a post it and share on the whiteboard

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