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A Level Unit 1: Human Growth and Development
Introducing Growth and Development
Self Concept
Defining Health
Interactive Exam Practice
Example Past Paper
Example Mark Scheme
Key Words Wordsearch (pdf)
Key Words Countdown
Revision PPT
Past Papers and Mark Schemes
Life Stages Lesson
Late Adulthood
Key Words Crossword
Personal Development XWord
Principles of Development Test
Theories/Theorists Matching Exercise
Human Development Diagram
Physical Development Diagram
Growth and Development: Genetic Factors
Genetic Factors Grade or No Grade
Genetic Factors Walk the Plank
Lifestyle Factors Lesson
Environmental Factors Lesson
Lifestyle Factors Game
Social Factors 1: Class
Unemployment and Health
Social Factors 2: Ethnicity
Social Factors 3: Gender
Unit 1 Penalty Shootout
Health Campaigns Key Words
Sources and Reasons for Health Campaigns
Agencies Promoting Health
Models of Health Promotion
Mass Media and Health Promotion
Ask a Teacher
Health and Social Care Home

Welcome to A level  Health and Social Care Unit 1

These pages have been designed to support advanced students studying unit 1 of A Level Health and Social Care.
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