Marxist Explanations of Health Inequalities

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Marxists are opposed to the way of organising an economy where there is a market and production is geared to rather than human . Marxists claim that capitalism is anti social and that it the majority of the population - the class.
The Marxists Doyal and Pennell suggest that it is the profit motive that results in three harmful for the working class.

Industrial accidents/disease
Doyal and Pennell point out that there are over 700 workers killed in industrial each year and that death from directly linked to occupational risk disproportionately hit the working class

Psychological Harm
Doyal and Pennel also point out that capitalism is also bad for the health of the working class. Working class jobs (especially factory work) are , unskilled, performed at high speed with long hours, injurious working expectations and long . The resulting accumulation has a negative effect on working class

Capitalists (the of factories and businesses) always try to keep low. This results in for the working class. Several government reports, including the Black Report (1980) and The Health Divide (1987) have highlighted poverty and its accompanying problems of poor , poor diet, and exposure to etc. as the chief cause of the health gap between the classes

Marxist Explanations to Health Inequality by Ethnicity and Gender
Marxists also use social class to explain health inequalities by and gender. Ethnic minority groups are more likely statistically to be in paid occupations due to societal and therefore experience a heightened version of the health faced by the working class generally. Marxists also claim that capitalism favours a family structure which doubly exploits working class . Firstly they are exploited by virtue of being members of the working class, and secondly they are exploited as unpaid work within the home. As a consequence their health . Whilst Marxists acknowledge that racism and sexism plays a part in health inequality they see factors such as social class and the anti social underlying profit motive of capitalism as central to any proper ..