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Lesson 1 Key Terms

WALT: What are the key terms in Stratification and Differentiation?
WILFs: Can define and deploy key terms accurately (D)...... Can apply key terms to existing sociological knowledge (B-A)

Lesson Development
1. Pair Up and Complete the Introductory Cloze activity print x2
2. Complete the Key Terms exercise below - you only have 40 seconds to complete it! print
3. Pair Up again and Complete the exercise on Closed and Open societies - print x2
4. You should now have key word definiitons for: Stratification, differentiation, status, life chances, meritocracy, achieved status, ascribed status, social mobility, open and closed societies, class, caste
5. Create a Key words Post It diagram for these words using the template below - print
6. Pair Up and Rally coach the Caste worksheet
7. Use the Round Table Structure and your existing sociological knowledge to answer - a).Is Britain an open society? b)How could we make sure that there are equal opportunities and social mobility opportunities in Britain today? Then switch tables and compare/annotate each others answers

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