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WALTs: How ageist is Britain today?

WILFs:  K&U of new key terms relating to age stratification including ageism, discrimination and disengagement (E-D).... Evaluation of influence of age stratification on life chances compared to other Factors (B-A)

Lesson Development

1. Jot thoughts - how unequal is the UK - give examples and evidence of gender, class and ethncity inequalities - aim to cover the table

2. Read the look closer poem -  Rally robin 'what is this poem telling us about age discrimination'?

2. In groups of 4 and sitting next to your Revision Twin  ALLWriteConsensus the introduction questions on age stratification and be prepared to feedback

3. Study the PPT embedded below and take notes then Rally Robin the seven key points as you see them

4. Mix and pair Up and then using pages 475-477 of your books and the 'hints' create your own interactive diagram on Theories of Age Stratification (Rally coach).

5. Mix pair Share the Wilfs

Lesson 2 Development
1. Mix and Pair Up then complete a Key words matching worksheet together
2. Now in groups of 4 or 5 Round Table the following questions
a) How does age steotyping and discrimination impact on the Young and the Old?





b) How does Marxism and Functionalism view stratification by age?





c) How do postmodernists view both Youth and the Elderly?
d) What is the demographic timebomb and which recent social policies has it informed?
3) Now in a new pair plan an answer for the exam practice question on the AFL Forum and complete as solo work for 20 mins
4) Using the mark scheme mark, annotate, grade and www and ebi your revision twins answer

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