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WALT: How does gender impact on stratification and differentiation?

WILFs:  Can draw on and deploy empirical evidence of gender inequality in UK drawing synoptically on all units studied so far (D-C)...... Can describe and evaluate feminist and functionalist explanations of gender inequality (B-A)

Lesson 1 Development

1. Starter: Jot thoughts - how does  gender impact on your life chances include evidence from education, families and households, power and politics and the handout? - aim to cover the table

2. In a pair create a word document called 'Gender Inequality in the UK - the Empircal Evidence' - use both groups post its and Topic Six page 449 onwards in your textbooks as sources

3. Pair Up again and Rally coach this worksheet

5. Plenary Mix pair Share the Wilfs

Lesson 2 Development

1. Complete the Rally Coach from yesterday

2. Rally Robin the impact of gender on life chances - Stand and Share

3. In a new pair create a spider diagram with a body title of 'Theoretical explanations for gender inequality'. Include theories and theorists and come to a supported consensus as to which theory you find most convincing and why

4. With a new partner Rally Coach this worksheet on Mead. Come back for group discussion

5. Now individually click through this presentation and take notes

6. Finally in a new pair Rally Coach this worksheet

7. Plenary Mix Pair Share the Wilfs

Lesson 3 Development

1. Mix and Rally Robin the following (10 minutes)

Evidence of Gender Inequality in UK

Theoretical Explanations of Gender Inequalities



2. Stand and Share Lists

3. Complete the AllWrite Consensus activity linked here

4. Plenary - mixed Pair Share wilfs

2. Read the PPT then Rally Coach the tasks on the final slide

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