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WALT: How does ethnicity impact on stratification and differentiation?

WILFs:  .... Can define and use key terms (E)...Can draw on and deploy empirical evidence of ethnic inequality in UK drawing synoptically on all units studied so far (D-C)...... Can describe and evaluate theoretical explanations of ethnic inequality (B-A)

Lesson Development

1. In a Pair Rally Robin and create a spider diagram of how you think ethnicity might impact on stratification and differentiation drawing on all the units you have studies so far in the A level - this diagram will develop as we go through the lesson
2. Now read and take notes from the Powerpoint - add what you can to your diagram

3. In your same pair Person A investigate ethnicity and educational achievement and ethnicity and discrimination in the job market using these links, your notes and your books ;

Person B investigate ethnicity and health, and ethnicity and crime using these links, your notes and your books

Spend 30 mins collecting as much evidence as you can for your diagram then return to the middle and add to your diagram. you can 'stray' when directed. You can also use text books

Lesson 2 Development

1. Starter - Rally Robin evidence of inequality by ethnicity in the UK today then Stand and Share

2. Watch the film - how racist is Britain?
3. In a new Pair Rally Coach a new PPT presentation called Theoretical Explanations of Inequality by Ethnicity - use the PPT AND your textbooks Topic 7 to research

4. Define the following key terms accurately: Race, Ethnicity, Prejudice, Stereotyping, Racial discrimination, Institutionalised racism

5. Complete the Rally Coach based on Topic 7 in your textbook

Plenary: Mix Pair Share the wilfs

institutionalised racism?

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