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WALT: How do the different perspectives view stratification and differentiation?
WILFs: Can define and deploy key terms (D)...... Can compare and contrast key elements of functionalism and Marxism (B)..... Can assess the strengths and weaknesses of functionalism and Marxism (A)

Lesson 1 Development
1.Starter - Complete the Crossword challenge with your Study Buddy
2 Study the embedded PPT below together and take notes
3. Complete the Functionalism Cloze (use your book to help you) and print
4. With your Study buddy highlight the strengths and weaknesses of functionalist theory then Stand and Share
5. Repeat this exercise using the Marxism exercise
6. Read Topic 2 on Theories of Stratification in your textbooks and add to both your notes and your lists of strengths and weaknesses
7. Plenary: promenade a partner - which theory studies today BEST describes modern society? What eveidence would you use to support your conclusion?

Lesson 2 Development
1. Rally Robin and make a list - what are the similarities and differences between Functionalist and Marxist theories of stratification
2. Stand and Share
3. Study the Weberianism PPT, complete the Weberianism notes and print for your folders
4. Pair Up with your Study Buddy and complete the Rally Coach exercise
5. Use Topic 2 in your textbooks to develop your notes
6. Plenary; Roaming Review
a) Describe with examples the marxist view of stratification on modern society
b) Describe with examples the functionalist view of stratification in modern society
c) Describe with examples the Weberian view of stratification in modern society
d) Which theory studies so far BEST explains stratification in modern society?

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