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WALT: How does disability impact on life chances, stratification and differentiation?

WILFs:  .... Can define and use key terms (E)...Can draw on and deploy empirical evidence of disability inequality in UK drawing synoptically on all units studied so far (D-C)...... Can describe and evaluate theoretical models of disability (C-B).... Can describe and deploy sociological theorists of disability inequality to back up an argument (B-A)

Lesson Development

Starter: Connect the learning with Find Someone Who?
1. Review the PPT and takes notes
2. Rally Robin the key points of the PPT
3. In groups of 4. Investigate this link and this link and then create posters for display or Mind Maps showing the key features of the medical and social models of disability
4. Quiz Quiz Trade on theories of disability
5. Pair Up. Review the evidence link and the evidence in your textbooks and Rally Robin a list of empirical evidence of disability inequality in the UK then Stand and Share
6. In a new pair create a PPT of your own showing  both the evidence of inequality by disability and the different sociological theories of disability inequality and evaluate which you think best explains it. Use my PPT and your textbook for theories and examples.

7. Plenary: Paraphrase passport today's WALT


(Above - medical or biomedical model....... below - social or environmental model of disability)


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