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WALT: What is social mobility and why is it important?
WILFs: Can define and deploy key terms (D)..... Can identify FACTORs affecting social mobility and patterns of mobility in the last 50 years (B)... Can describe and evaluate three of more social mobility studies (A)

Starter: Watch the video and consider the following:
What is social mobility and why is it important? What factors influence social mobility? How meritocratic and open is Britain today?

Then complete the differentiated Rally Coach Exercise with your Study Buddy
Stand and Share

Lesson Development
1.Read the Introductory presentation linked carefully and take detailed notes
2.Rally Coach the Revision Questions on the last slide

3. Pair share -
a) Describe the differences between a Marxist and a functionalist view of stratification and social mobility
b) What factors influence your propsects of social mobility?
c) Is a high level of social mobility a positive or negative thing for society - give both sides
3. Then complete and print the Key Terms activity and the Social Mobility Diagram using the chapter in your textbooks for reference
4. Individual Work -Study the PPT on Social Mobility Studies and use your textbooks to take notes on the Oxford Mobility Study, the Essex University Mobility Study and the Scottish Mobility Study. What were their key findings? In a separate section in your notes summarise 3 theories of social mobility - Rational Action Theory, Marxism and Functionalism - what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter: Jot thoughts on post its - the factors affecting social mobility
2. Find Someone Who
3. Pair Up and Diamond 9 the factors
4. Study the Studies and Theories PPT with a partner and reduce to no more than 9 key points
5. Mini Plenary: Pair Share
a) What factors impact upwards and downwards on social mobility?
b) Describe and assess three theories of social mobility
d) What recebt trends have there been in UK?
e) What social policies could be introduced to accelerate social mobility?
6. Pair up and complete the interactive crossword
7. Plenary: Paraphrase password

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