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Physical Education and Sports in Schools
Physical Education and Sports in Schools
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P.E  and Sport in School

v      Task 1
Complete the 'Cloze Activity' introducing PE and Sport in Schools

v      Task 2
What activities have you experienced in your P.E  lessons?
Complete this table
Why do you think you do some activities are taught more than others? Interview your P.E teacher and find out why.
Across all secondary schools, outdoor and adventurous activities are the least taught area. Why is this? It may be due to

         Lack of time in the curriculum-  how long are your lessons?

         Lack of money - hiring/ buying equipment and specialist staff can be expensive

         Lack of facilities - you need the right environment to teach

         Lack of specialist staff - you need special qualifications to be able to teach many outdoor activities
Some school overcome some of these problems by using local 'artificial' facilities.

v      Task 3
Find out what facilities there are in your local area for the following outdoor and adventurous activities: skiing, climbing and abseiling, canoeing and sailing.
Many schools are using ICT to improve teaching and learning in PE. For example; it can be used to help you record and evaluate your work, find out information about the activities you study, monitor your fitness levels using heart rate monitors etc

v      Task 4
Use the following link to access specific examples of how ICT can be used in PE
Make a list of the ways you use ICT in your lessons.
School Sports Partnerships
"Specialist Sports Colleges are at the hub of the Government's strategy to enhance young people's opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports as well as raising the standards of teaching and learning of PE and school sport.

Specialist Sports Colleges position PE and sport at the centre of the curriculum, using it as a vehicle to develop and improve learning opportunities for all." Youth Sport Trust 2008
Specialist Sports Colleges are at the centre of the School Sports Partnership model. A full time Partnership Development Manager is based in the Sports College. They manage the partnership and develop links. A School Sports Co-ordinator is based in the secondary school. They develop school sports including out of school learning and competitions.  The Primary Link Teacher concentrates on improving PE and Sport in their own school.

v      Task 4
Use the information in the following link to label the diagram in the word. Find out if your school is part of a 'School Sports Partnership'. If so, label your diagram with the names of your link schools.
Check your definitions with the Match File
School - Community Links
Many PE departments are being encouraged to develop stronger links with community groups. All students should know about the opportunities available to them outside school. 

v      Task 5
Find out about the clubs in your local area. Start with your local council's web site.
Choose one club that you might be interested in joining. Write a letter to the club chairperson to encourage them to make links with your school.
You could ask them to run a session for a certain group of students, give a talk in assembly, or arrange a visit to their club.


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