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Factors Affecting Individual Performance
Physical Education and Sports in Schools
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'Factors Affecting Individual Performance' encourages students to use web links to research  the most up to date information on topics such as National Sports Centres, The National Lottery and School Sports partnerships. Each section takes the teacher and learner through a series of notes and tasks.
Divided into four sections.

1.       Looks at Physical Education and Sport in Schools. Through a number of tasks, research links and notes students to consider why they are taught P.E and what influences the activities they are taught through. It also looks at the new School Sports Partnerships, how ICT is used in schools and how schools are bridging the school - community gap.

2.       Focuses on leisure. Students work out how they divide their time, read about the reasons why leisure time has increased and complete a word search on why people choose to participate in physical activity. Students also look at various user groups and consider why their participation levels may be low.

3.       Focuses on facilities. Students start by considering what performers need to become successful. They research the most up to date information on National Sports Centres and take a virtual tour of the latest facilities in Sheffield.

4.       Focuses on different providers. Students download a map of their local area and look at the facilities provided by the three sectors. Students read what factors influence where facilities are build and decide on their own location for a new sports centre.

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