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Facilities 2  - Who Provides Facilities?
v      Task 1
Use the following link to download a map of your local area.

Marks on all the leisure facilities available in your local area. Remember to include schools, parks, clubs......
Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor facilities                                includes squash courts, dance studios, fitness centres, swimming pools
Outdoor facilities            includes football pitches, tennis courts, water sports centres,
Who provides facilities?
Read the following definitions
Public sector:                    These are run by the government and local authorities for example the national sports centres, schools, local parks
Private Sector:                                  These are businesses run for profit for example private gyms, theme parks
Voluntary Sector:            These are organisations that are set up to meet a need rather than make a profit for example local youth clubs, Scouts and Guides, local churches
v      Task 2
Look back at your map. Choose two facilities for each sector and complete this table
Where are facilities located?
A number of factors need to be considered when building a new facility.
Population         You need to make sure there are people to use the facility. Where do people live?
Environment     If you are building a sailing club you need to be near water.  Do you need planning permission to build? You need to be sensitive to your surroundings.
Cost                       The cost of building and running a facility will be high.  Buying the land will be more expensive in some areas. Are there any grants available? Will enough people use it to make it pay?
Access                  Local people must be able to get to the facility. Are there good road and rail links? Is there a public bus service? Is there enough parking?
Local Need         There must be a need for the facility and you need the support of the local community.
v      Task 3

Look at the map below. You are going to build a new leisure facility. Where would you build it?  Mark it on the map.

Click here for the map

Make a list of the factors you considered when you made the decision. What other information would you need?
E.g.         It is on a main road so it will be easy to get to.
Complete the crossword to recap the keywords in this section.



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