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Leisure time is your free time, when you can do what you want. It does not include the time spent on 'duties' 'work' or 'bodily needs'.
Bodily Needs     includes things like sleeping, washing and eating
Duties                   includes things we have to do like tidying your room, taking the dog for a walk, shopping
Work                     includes being at school, travelling, time you spend doing your homework

v      Task 1
Use the spreadsheet to work out how you spend an average day. How much leisure time do you have?
Most of us have more leisure time than ever before. This is because:

      people stay in education longer and retire earlier

      improved healthcare means that people live longer

      people have more paid holidays

      people work different hours: job shares, flexible working hours

      improved technology means that housework tasks take less time e.g. washing machines, dishwashers
As leisure time has increased, more facilities have been provided to meet the demand. Local authorities have provided swimming pools, parks, playing fields etc.. Private companies have built ice rinks, cinemas, fitness centres etc....

v      Task 2
Make a list of all the activities you do in your leisure time.
Physical Recreation
You may decide to spend some of your leisure time participating in a physical activity. This might include going for a bike ride, a swim or a kick about in the park. Participation is good for many reasons .

v      Task 3
Complete the word search to find out more.
Whether we participate in physical activities or not can depend on a number of different factors

      How much time a person has to spare

      How much spare money they have to spend


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