Year 7

Year 7 History Key Words

History Key Words game for Year 7

What is History Online Lesson

Online lesson for unit 1: What is History?


What happened in England in 1066?

Claims to the throne 1066

Who should be King?

What is History Quiz

Try Mr Walker's Quiz on What is History?


Anachronism Lesson from Historyonthenet

Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus Lesson from Historyonthenet

The Roman Army

Roman Army online lesson

The Roman Army Shootout!

Test what you know about the Roman Army

Romans in Britain

Full online lesson on Romans in Britain (new)

Boudicas Revolt

An interactive lesson on Boudica's Revolt

Everyday Life in the Roman Empire

Mrs Strange's online lesson on everyday life in Roman Times

Romans Murder Mystery

Use your historical skills to solve this Roman murder mystery

Roman Legacy

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Claims to the throne 1066

Interactive lesson from on who should be King in 1066

Hastings quiz

Mini Interactive lesson from

Claimants Hoop Shoot

Test your knowledge of the claims to the throne in 1066

Normans Hangman

Normans Hangman Game

1066 and all that

Mr Field's online lesson

Norman Castles

Online lesson activities on Norman Castles

Black Death Lesson

Online lesson on the Consequences of the Black Death

Death of Becket

Online lesson on the death of becket

Peasants Revolt Lesson

Mr. Walker's online lesson on the Peasants Revolt (new)

Peasants Revolt Causes

Identify the long and short term causes of the Peasants Revolt

Thomas Becket Lesson

Mr. Walker's online lesson on Thomas Becket 

Thomas Becket Significance

Mr. Walker's online lesson on Thomas Becket 

King John Lesson

Miss Stringfield's online lesson on King John

British Explorers

Mrs Strange's lesson on British explorers (new)

Peasants Revolt Hoop shoot

Try Hoop shoot on the Peasants Revolt

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