Who Should be King in 1066?


Lesson PPT

Claimants to the Throne

Hoop Shoot Plenary

Year 7 Home

WALT: Who should be King in 1066?
WILFs: Can identify the 4 men who thought they should be King in 1066 and give some facts about them (L4)... Can describe and explain and compare why each man wanted to be King (L5).... Can make a judgement who had the best claim to be King supported by argument and evidence (L6)

Lesson Development 1
1. Starter - Watch the clip - write down who wanted to be King in 1066 and why

2. Share your ideas on the table - make sure you have shared with everyone
3. Promenade your shoulder partner - who do you think had the best claim to be King and why?

4. Stand and Share
5. Go back to your seat and study the PPT on the ipad - record more evidence to support your choice
6, Plenary: Quiz Quiz Trade
7. Homework: Work through all parts of this online interactive lesson then answer today's WALT question in your books in as much detail as possible. Remember to give supporting reasons for your choice.

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter: Quiz Quiz Trade
2. Find Someone Who
3. Log on with your shoulder partner and complete the summary diagram
4. Plenary - Vision On - draw a picture to show everything you have learnt about 1066 and the Norman Invasion - no words no numbers. When time is up find 3 different people to interpret your picture

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