How did Thomas Becket die?


Starter: FSW

Police Report Writing Frame

Summary Diagram

Duck Shoot Game

 Simulation Game

Year 7 Home

WALT: How did Thomas Becket die?
WILFs: Can remember at least 3 reasons why the King and Becket argued (L4)..... Can describe and explain the events of Becket's murder in detail (L4-5) Can assess who was to blame for the murder of Becket (L6)

Lesson Development 1
1. Starter - Find Someone Who on the story of Thomas Becket - use the textbooks and ipads on your desks to help you if you need them

2. Stand and Share
3. Watch the 10 minute film clip on the events of the murder of Becket - take detailed notes - share your notes on your table
4. Pair Share Mini Plenary...a) How did Becket die?  ...b) Who was to blame for his death?
5. Individual Plenary Task - use all your notes and ideas from today's lesson to write a Crime Report on the death of Becket using the writing frame


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