What was the Significance of Beckets Murder?


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WALT: How significant was the murder of Thomas Becket?
WILFs: Can remember at least 3 reasons why the King and Becket argued (L4)..... Can describe and explain the events and consequences of Becket's murder in detail (L4-5) Can assess the siginificance the murder of Becket using the 4Rs (L6)

Consequences of Becket's Murder
1.    Immediately, stories arose that miracles had happened at Becket's tomb. In 1173 the Pope made Becket a saint:
o    Pilgrims to the shrine of St Thomas Becket could also go and spit at statues of the knights who killed him.
o    Chaucer's Canterbury Tales were about a group of pilgrims on their way to the shrine of St Thomas at Canterbury.
2.    The Pope excommunicated the knights who killed Becket. To earn forgiveness, they had to go on Crusade for 14 years.
3.    In 1174, to show he was sorry, Henry walked barefoot to Canterbury Cathedral and allowed the monks to whip him.
4.    Henry had to give up on the Constitutions of Clarendon. He had failed to reduce the power of the Church.

Lesson Development 1
1. Starter - Pair share with a partner

a) What were the main events in the story of Thomas Becket?
b) Why did Henry and Becket quarrel?
c) Explain in detail how Becket died
d) How important was the murder of Thomas Becket?
2. Study the consequences at the top - which do you think was most important and why
3. With your study buddy complete the summary diagram and print
4. Plenary - Games and quizzes online then promenade today's WALT

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