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WALT: What is History and why is it important?
WILFs: Can define and use some key history words (L4)... Can describe and explain what history is and why it is important (L5-6)..... Can put into practice some key historical skills (L7)

Lesson Development 1
1. Starter - promenade your face partner and discuss today's WALT
2. Stand and share your answers
3. Write down these 3 historical skills
Research - finding out about the past
Organising and sorting information about the past
Evaluating information
Communicating information
4. We are now going to try and use these skills.
in 10 minutes try and interview everyone in the room and RESEARCH thier birthday and their age - record the information in the back of your history book
5. Now ORGANISE a human timeline in the middle of the room
6. Return to your seats
7. With a different partner take turns in RESEARCHING the life story of your partner. ORGANISE the information in chronological order
8. STAND and SHARE - make a judgement (EVALUATE) the most interesting thing you learnt and share it with the class if your name comes up
9. PLENARY - Key word Quiz Quiz Trade/Key Words Countdown

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter: Find Someone Who
2. Take a laptop with your shoulder partner - go to this lesson page and click on Computer Activities
3. Coach the matching exercise and print X2 - stick your print out in the front of your books
4. Click on the sort the sentences exercises - there are 5 - Write each one down in your book when you have solved them
5. Plenary Quiz Quiz Trade or Key Words Countdown

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