How did the Black Death Change Society?



Starter: FSW

Newspaper Exercise

 Plenary Shootout

Year 7 Home

WALT: How did the Black Death change society?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the 3 types of Black death and how they spread (L4-5)....can compare and contrast the different ways people reacted to the Black Death and how people changed their behaviour (L6)... Can assess the short term and long term consequences of the Black Death (L7)

Lesson Development 1
1. Starter - Find Someone Who on the Black Death - use the textbooks on your desks to help you if you need them

2. Stand and Share
3. Watch the first 4 minutes of film clip on the consequences of the Black Death and list as many consequences as you can
4. Stand and Share
5. Take a new partner and promenade them discussing which consequences you think is most important and why

6. Plenary: Pair Share
a) Explain what the Black Death was and why it was important
b) How did people react to the Black Death at the time?
c) What were the consequences of the Black Death and which one was most significant?

7. Extension and homework - read the PPT linked here and complete all the questions and tasks on the slides


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