Year 8

The Tudor Family Tree

Mr Walker's lesson activities on the Tudor Family Tree

The Tudors Key Words

Key Words Game for the Tudors

Henry VII

Mr Walker's lesson activities on Henry VII

Henry VII Countdown

Countdown Game on Henry VII

Who were the Tudors?

Introducing the Tudors

Henry VIII lessons and activities

Mr Walker's lesson activities on Henry VIII

Edward and Lady Jane Grey

Starter and research task

Tudor Society

Rich and Poor in Tudor Society

Elizabethan Poverty

Causes exercise on Poverty

Elizabethan Poor Law

Test your knowledge of the Elizabethan Poor Law 1601

Who was Elizabeth I?

Lesson from Historyonthenet

Elizabethan England Hoop shoot

Hoop shoot help with assignment 1

the union flag

online lesson from on the making of the union flag

Uniting the UK Plenary

Plenary lesson on Uniting the UK

The Jacobite Rebellions

online activities on the Jacobite rebellions

Mary Queen of Scots

online lesson on Mary Queen of Scots

Background to the Spanish Armada

Three part online lesson on the Spanish Armada

Spanish Armada online Lesson

Lesson activity on the Spanish Armada from SchoolHistory

Introducing the Stuarts

Online lesson which introduces the Stuarts

Gunpowder Plot

An online lesson  on the Gunpowder Plot

Gunpowder Plot Links

Gunpowder Plot Links

Causes of Civil war

Online lesson on the causes of the English Civil War

Charles I decision Game

Decision making game by Mr Walker

Quiz on the English Civil War

Try Mr Walker's Quiz on the English Civil Wars

The Events of the English Civil War

Drop and drag activity on the events of the English civil wars

Civil war crossword

Interactive crossword on the English Civil War

Civil War Key Words

Key Words activity linked to other interactive material on the site

Trial and Execution of Charles

Cloze exercise on Trial and execution of the King

Civil War Duckshoot!

Try this great interactive test from

Events and Consequences

The Events and Consequences of the English Civil War

What sort of Man was Oliver Cromwell?

Interpretations exercise from

Cromwell Hero or Villain?

Cromwell Worksheet from

Oliver Cromwell Quiz

Try Mr Walker's hoop shoot quiz on Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell Summary

Summary Activity with Homework

Charles II

Lesson activities on the restored monarchy

Stuarts Quiz

Walk the Plank Quiz on the Stuarts

The Scientific Revolution

An online lesson on the Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution Quiz

Mrs Strange's Quiz on the Scientific Revolution

Slavery:Fling the teacher

Mr Field's Fling the Teacher

Slavery:Web Page Project

Cross Curricular History and ICT Project on Slavery

Olaudah Equiano

Learn more about the life of Equiano at this external link


What happened to slaves on arrival?

Life as a Slave

Online Lesson about slavery

Sam and Hayleys Quiz

Try this quiz on Equiano by two of my best Year 8 students!

Slavery:The Middle Passage

Lesson activities on slavery and the Middle Passage

Slavery:The Underground Railroad 1

Lesson activities on slavery and the Underground Railroad

Slavery:The Underground Railroad 2

Lesson activities on slavery and the Underground Railroad 2

Abolition of the Slave Trade

Online Lesson on the Abolition of the slave trade in Britain 1833

Slavery Summary Lesson

Slavery Summary lesson

Teacher Invaders Slavery

Slavery Teacher Invaders Game

Civil rights

Linked activities on civil rights and the death of Emmett Till

Year 8 Revision Lesson

Revise for your Year 8 History Exam here

End of Term Games

End of Term Games

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