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What was it like to be a Slave?
Starter PowerPoint
Extension Task 1
Extension Task 2
Year 8 Home


Lesson Objectives
History Knowledge and Understanding NC Levels 3-5
1.To review and consolidate prior learning on the Traingular Trade and Middle Passage.
2. To further investigate life as a slave
ICT Levels 3-5
1. To construct, edit and save an interactive diagram of notes.
2. To use PowerPoint, Word and Acrobat Reader fluently

Lesson Instructions
1. After the Starter complete the Revision Diagram below using what you have learnt today, the hints within the diagram and what you learnt last week. Words that are bold and italic within the diagram contain instructions. The rest should be used as hints.
Personalise your diagrams by highlighting key words and changing the colours.
Do not forget to save your diagrams before you print them
2. Extension - task 1 is a worksheet for you to complete
3. Extension - task 2 - save the starter PowerPoint and add slide notes to each slide based on what you have learnt today.

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